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Eagles in our Backyard

January 6, 2016

Eagle2.jpgSunday, January 10th is National Save the Eagles Day and for this not so famous holiday we wanted to document the story of what has been locally dubbed, the Tastee Apple Eagles. 

In 2011, employees at Tastee Apple in Newcomerstown, Ohio discovered a nest of eagles in their own backyard.  Vice President, Jerry Herbert, an avid photographer also, didn't hesitate to capture these magnificent birds. Observed there were young adult eagles who nested in the tall trees that lined the river in the backyard of the caramel apple plant which has been in operation since 1974.  Over the span of 4 years, a total of 6 eagles have been spotted.

Year after year, the eagles returned until 2013 when they seemed to disappear until one day they were spotted a mile away near another part of the Tuscarawas river that flows through the small town of about 4,000.  Excitement ensued as they have become part of the Tastee Apple family in some pet nurturing way. 

Now 3 years later, the eagle population has decreased to 3 but the generations are continuing as one day spotted was a newly born addition.


                Photograph by J.Herbert  

"This time of year we expect the eagles to mate and around April we will look for the young eagles in the nest down by the river." says Jerry Herbert.  Herbert makes routine trips with camera in hand to check on the status of the eagles and with hope to capture another photo of our very own protected eagles in our backyard.

.                                          Eagle1.jpg