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Are Tastee Caramel Apples and Chocolate Apples At Your Local Store?

August 30, 2015

Become a Tastee Apple, Inc. Ambassador and enter to win a delicious, prize pack at www.tasteeapple.com/team

Are Tastee caramel apples at your store?

Newcomerstown, OH – August 31, 2015 – Are Tastee Apple, Inc. caramel apples and chocolate apples at your local store? Find out, and you could win a delicious, prize-pack of hand-dipped caramel apples and chocolate-covered apples at www.tasteeapple.com/team.

5 Tastee Apple Ambassadors to Win Scrumptious, Caramel and Chocolate-Dipped Apples Each Week!

“Many of our customers love our homemade caramel apples and chocolate-covered apples, but they can’t find them at their local store so we started the free, Tastee Ambassador Program,” states Greg Hackenbracht, Tastee Apple, Inc. Founder and CEO. “Visit www.tasteeapple.com/team to find out more, and you could win a prize package of delicious, caramel and chocolate-dipped apples in the next week!”

Become a Free, Tastee Apple Ambassador in 3 Simple Steps.

1. Go to your favorite store and see if they carry Tastee Apples in the produce department.

2. Take a photo of yourself outside of the store under their logo/sign and:

  • Smile and give a thumb’s up if they have Tastee Apples.
  • Frown and give a thumb’s down if they don’t have Tastee Apples.

3. Visit www.tasteeapple.com/team and enter your name, e-mail address and photo.

That’s it. Tastee Apple will pick five Ambassadors per week at random to win a prize pack of delicious caramel and chocolate-dipped apples… a value of over $40.00!

Plus, Tastee Ambassadors will get an exclusive, monthly eNewsletter and be the first to know about Tastee contests, discounts, news, and more!

“Tastee’s homemade caramel and chocolate-covered apples are fun and healthy treats that go through a unique, certified rating-process to guarantee safety, quality and freshness,” states Hackenbracht.

To become a Tastee Ambassador and enter to win a prize pack of delicious caramel and chocolate apples now, visit www.tasteeapple.com/team.

About Taste Apple, Inc.

Family-owned and operated since 1974 in the historic Village of Newcomerstown, Ohio, Tastee Apple, Inc. has sold over 250,000,000 apples with candy, chocolate, caramel, and other toppings. The only company in the industry certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute, all of the apples go through a unique, seven-step rating process to guarantee the quality and freshness of the fruit. For more information on Tastee’s apples and fundraising program, visit www.tasteeapple.com or call 740-498-8316.

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Media Contact: Melanie Rembrandt, Rembrandt Communications®, media@tasteeapple.com, 800-771-0116