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Can Caramel Apples Help Your Lungs, Heart AND Memory?

August 11, 2015

Bite into this healthy fruit (and tasty, caramel apple treat!) for all the benefits!

You know that caramel apples are delicious snacks that give you a boost of energy and provide numerous, healthy benefits. But did you know that the apple beneath that tasty treat can actually help your lungs, heart and memory too? Caramel apples from Tastee Apple are a healthy treat!

According to The Institute of Food Research:

  • “Consuming quercetin-rich foods, including apple peel [9], may help prevent chronic inflammation, which could lead to cardiovascular disease, by the action of quercetin on the cells lining the blood vessels.”

  • “A study conducted in 2000 by Butland et al. showed there was a positive correlation between lung function and the number of apples eaten per week. Eating five or more apples a week was linked to better lung function, but the paper also suggested that the number of apples consumed may simply reflect a healthier lifestyle.”

  • Since apples are high in antioxidants, this may prevent damage caused by free radicals. “In humans, higher intake of vegetables and fruit, such as apples, has been shown to reduce the risk of degenerate conditions such as Alzheimer’s.”

Caramel Apples Provide Healthy Nutrients

While you may think that candy, chocolate and caramel apples are something you eat at a fair or during a fall festival just for fun, think again. The apple you are eating provides numerous, healthy benefits you won’t get from other, sweet treats like candy, ice cream, cookies, and more. Plus, you can now get the apples easily all year long online so they are no longer reserved for autumn and Halloween!

With these great benefits, it’s time to eat more apples, and give your body a healthy break!

What is your favorite, caramel, chocolate or jelly (candy) apple? Please let us know, and look for a big announcement coming soon!

And for more information about the safety of your products, check out our Apple Safety Pamphlet.