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Do You Really Need to Eat an Apple’s Peel?

July 15, 2015

Find out what you may be missing from this nutritious fruit!

Tastee apples are a healthy treat!Sure, it can be fun to try to peel an entire apple in one, long strip (as seen in movies like “Sleepless in Seattle”).

And now, many of your favorite, fast-food restaurants offer pre-sliced, peeled and ready-to-eat apples for your kids to make things simple. But by removing the apple’s skin, you can lose out on some great, health benefits. In fact, here are…

5 Reasons to Eat an Apple Peel

 1. If you take the skin off an apple, you lose almost half of the fiber found in the apple peel.

“A small, raw, unpeeled apple weighing just over 5 ounces provides 77 calories and 3.6 grams of fiber, an amount equivalent to about 14 percent of the daily value for fiber,” per the SF Gate article on healthy eating, “How Much Fiber is There in a Small Apple?” “Without skin, a small apple has 63 calories and just 1.7 grams of fiber, according to USDA data.” That a big loss for your digestion system!

 2. Apple peel contains ursolic acid which researchers have found to be key for muscle growth.

3.  The skin contains a quercetin compound which can help to increase lung function.

This compound is only found in the apple peel.

4. Triterpenoids in the apple peel have been shown to “kill cancer cells” per Cornell University researchers quoted in Science Daily.

5. And just in case the four benefits above weren’t enough, studies show that apple pectin help in radioactive detoxifying!

Who knew you were experiencing all of these benefits when biting into a fresh, juicy apple? And if you really need to get rid of the peel, it’s fine. You’ll still enjoy this tasty fruit… just without all of the healthy additions listed above.

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