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Get in Shape this Summer with Apples, Fun Workouts and More!

June 30, 2015

Tastee Apple’s Tips for a Healthier You!

The 4th of July and summer are here! That means fun, outdoor activities, barbeques, and… gulp… putting on swimwear!

Tastee Apples are healthy treats!

But don’t despair! We have some great tips to help you get in shape fast so you can stop worrying and start enjoying the sun!

5 Tips to Help You Get in Shape Fast

1. Add a crisp, refreshing apple to your daily meal or snack.

Of course this is at the top of our list! But we don’t just say this because we are big fans of this fruit. It can actually help keep your cravings and appetite under control.

Why? Apples include fiber which tends to fill you up without a lot of calories. Specifically, check out this article, “An Apple a Day Melts the Pounds Away!” by Kathy Freston.

2. Melt flab away with exercises that work!

Read about these exercises from Fitness Magazine that combine cardio and strength training to burn the most fat possible.

Obviously, you’ll want to talk to your doctor before doing any kind of new, physical activity.

3. Just move!

Ok. If you hate to exercise and are a big, couch potato, you just need to find something you like to do.

Maybe you can walk or hike in the woods, play a particular sport, shop at the mall, or do some other activity that is not really defined as “exercise.”

Find some kind of physical movement that you like to do, and even find a buddy to join you. Then, it won’t feel like exercise, but you’ll still burn calories!

4. Discover healthy, snack alternatives.

If you love junk food, it’s time to look for some substitutions. There are plenty of fantastic snacks and meals out there that are delicious AND good for you.

Check out these healthy, snack alternatives from WebMD and Greatist.com and open your mind to the possibilities!

5. Volunteer.

Instead of focusing on your body, start thinking about others.

Volunteer to serve meals at a homeless shelter, clean local parks and neighborhoods, visit the elderly, cheer up the sick and injured, plant trees, and more. You’ll be so busy working, moving around and helping others, you’ll forget you’re actually exercising!

These are just a few of the thousands of tips out there to help you get in shape and feel good about yourself. But there is no need to get overwhelmed.

Simply take some time to find a fun activity that will get you moving, enlist a friend for support and experiment with new foods and recipes. Who knows? You may be having so much fun that you don’t even notice that you are ready to put on that swimsuit!

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