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Say it With Chocolate Covered Apples this Memorial Day Holiday

May 12, 2015

5 Tips to Be a Great Guest this Summer Season

It seems like it has taken a long time, but Memorial Day is just a few days away. It’s a holiday where we take some time to remember all of those who died while serving in the armed forces. And it is also the “unofficial” beginning of summer.

What are you doing to celebrate? Most of us will be attending barbeques, picnics, parties, and other events. With this in mind, how can you be the perfect guest at your upcoming, Memorial Day celebration?

Giving chocolate covered apples and more… Here are our top 5 tips to be the perfect, Memorial Day party guest…

1. Give the host a gift.

If you are going to a party, don’t show up empty-handed. While a bottle of wine is always nice, why not make things more fun by giving the host some unique, chocolate-covered apples? Stop by your local market and look for Double Chocolate Delight, White Chocolate Pretzel, and others. Since it’s the end of “official apple” season, act fast! These delicious treats wrapped with a decorative bow are only available for a limited time!

White Pretzel Wonder

2. Offer help.

It takes a lot of time and effort to throw a big party so help the host whenever possible. Ask if they need assistance preparing food, setting up tables and chairs, cooking, serving drinks, and doing other chores.

3. Clean up after yourself.

When you are finished eating a meal or snack, wash your own dishes and throw out your trash. And be sure to wipe up the sink and leave the bathroom fresh and clean if you use it.

4. Show respect.

When visiting friends, you will probably meet new people with different ideals, traditions, and more. Be considerate, and avoid big arguments. After all, a party is not the place to fight over religion, politics and other, “touchy” topics!

5. Say “Thank You.”

While this is a simple statement, it can be easy to forget. Remember to say it often at all of the events you go to this summer. And be sure to thank the host with a follow-up note or gift.

Be the Best Party Guest Ever!

When attending various events this summer, it’s important to be respectful, gracious and helpful. Take the host a gift, clean up after yourself and say, “Thank You.” This way, you’ll be asked to more parties in the months ahead and can look forward to the best summer ever!

What are you going to do for Memorial Day this year?

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And here is more information about our various, chocolate-covered apples.