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Gourmet White Chocolate Pretzel Apple ( 1 each)

Gourmet White Chocolate Pretzel Apple ( 1 each)

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Available October 31 - August 15

Want a giant and delicious gift weighing in at about one pound and serving 8 people?

Tastee’s White Chocolate Pretzel will have your taste buds tingling!

A fresh, jumbo apple is coated in our handmade caramel. After that cools, we dip the apple in our special white-chocolate coating. And while it’s still hot, we roll the apple in delicious, pretzel pieces. And if that’s not enough, we drizzle ooey, gooey white-chocolate over the top to create an edible work-of-art!

It’s a yummy treat perfect for celebrations and sharing with family members and friends. You get a unique combination of crunch, sweetness, smooth caramel, and juicy apple all in one bite. And if you really want to indulge and give yourself a reward, order an apple for your very own enjoyment!

+ Shipping Info

Tastee Apple caramel and chocolate apples are made to order to ensure freshness and carefully packaged so they arrive in perfect condition.

We use FedEx for all of our deliveries to further ensure our products arrive directly to you as fresh as possible.   In order to avoid weekend delivery, we generally ship on Tuesdays as the majority of the shipments take 2-3 business days. Our default shipping method are “standard” Ground (commercial addresses) or Home Delivery (home address).  *We only offer express shipping options during our high volume months of production, Aug-Dec. 

Shipping Charges:

Simply fill your shopping basket with your desired product and select the *mode of shipping, ground or home delivery.   The exact shipping charge will be listed.  (Current rates will apply)

Shipping Deadlines:

We typically ship on Tuesday to ensure delivery prior to the weekend.  Other days of shipping may be done based on delivery location and desired date needed.  If you need an expedited mode of shipment outside of Aug-Dec, please contact our customer service at 740-498-8316.

Shipping Destinations:

We ship to the continental United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska.  No international shipping or APO/FPO addresses are accepted.  Contact FedEx for more information on guaranteed delivery to particular locations. 

Delivery Locations:

We suggest shipping to commercial addresses for a less expensive rate and to ensure someone is there to accept the package.  Our product should not be left to be exposed to either extreme element of cold or heat.   

Warm Weather Shipping:

Our weather is always changing and sometimes in the Fall, temperatures can still feel like summer!  We pay attention to the country’s weather and will pack with frozen gel packs and special cartons, if necessary, to do all that we can to ensure the product does not rapidly decline during transit. 

Shipping Delays:

Though FedEx is an extremely reliable shipping agent, there are times when they are unable to provide on time delivery, such as during extreme weather situations and national emergencies.  We all need to practice patience in times of a weather crisis. 

Order Modifications:

If you need to modify your order in any way, feel free to contact our customer service M-F, 8-4 EST or email your request.  Someone will contact you as soon as possible. 

*express services; 2 Day Guaranteed and Overnight, is available during Aug-Dec

+ How BIG are Tastee Apples?

Tastee Apple Size Comparison

+ How are Tastee Apples made?

We partner with some of the country’s finest and most reputable apple growers to pick the best quality products. We measure the firmness of our fruit to determine which meet apples meet our crispness requirements and which do not. In addition to keeping our facilities immaculate, we follow a very thorough process to ensure that the fruit we use is clean. Next, our shiny clean perfectly ripe apples are “sticked” and readied for the decorating process. Each finished Tastee Apple is carefully packaged for optimal product freshness and protection. After spending a very short time in our 45-degree warehouse, Tastee Apples are on their way, in refrigerated trucks. The best step of all, we leave completely up to you! ENJOY!

+ Why nothing tops a Tastee!

The perfection we achieve in our products is only possible due to our passion for the caramel apple in all its splendor and the painstaking process to which we adhere.

First and foremost, our family owned and operated business uses only the very best apples available, sourced from our country’s top growers. Even then, because we’re so darn picky, Tastee rejects about 10% of apples that arrive at our facilities.  

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