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Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Apple

Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Apple

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These apples would make wonderful Christmas gifts or just a fun thoughtful gift any time during the year.

- Burning Moons Inside Advice


Do you like rich, delicious chocolate? How about fresh, crunchy pecans? Then we have the perfect treat for you – a Tastee Super Premium Chocolate Pecan Obsession Apple. And that’s just what you’ll have after you try your first bite… an obsession to eat more.

This giant, beautifully-decorated apple is our best-seller. Weighing in at about one pound, it’s sure to please the chocolate and nut lover on your gift-list. And it’s gluten-free and certified Kosher!

We start by choosing the freshest and finest, Extra Fancy, Extra Large Granny Smith apples that go through our 7-step, rating process. Then, we dip the apples in our creamy-smooth handmade caramel AND dark chocolate AND milk chocolate. After that, the apples are rolled in mini-chocolate morsels and fresh, crunchy pecans. Are you drooling yet?!

We dare you to try it and not want more! (Sure it serves 8 people, but you’ll probably want the whole thing for yourself!)

Order yours here now. (And youll definitely want to buy extras since one is just not enough!)

+ How are Tastee Apples made?

We partner with some of the country’s finest and most reputable apple growers to pick the best quality products. We measure the firmness of our fruit to determine which meet apples meet our crispness requirements and which do not. In addition to keeping our facilities immaculate, we follow a very thorough process to ensure that the fruit we use is clean. Next, our shiny clean perfectly ripe apples are “sticked” and readied for the decorating process. Each finished Tastee Apple is carefully packaged for optimal product freshness and protection. After spending a very short time in our 45-degree warehouse, Tastee Apples are on their way, in refrigerated trucks. The best step of all, we leave completely up to you! ENJOY!

+ Why nothing tops a Tastee!

The perfection we achieve in our products is only possible due to our passion for the caramel apple in all its splendor and the painstaking process to which we adhere.

First and foremost, our family owned and operated business uses only the very best apples available, sourced from our country’s top growers. Even then, because we’re so darn picky, Tastee rejects about 10% of apples that arrive at our facilities.  

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