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Crazy for Tastee?

Caramel apples—also called toffee apples and taffy apples —probably date to the late 19th Century, but some evidence suggests that recipes existed in the early 1700s.  What is known is that coating fruit in sugar/honey syrup is a practice dating back to ancient times.

What appeals most to you most about caramel apples made by Tastee? Hummmm…

Perhaps it is simply the sweet and savory experience that this treat transports to your taste buds. Oh, yes, we’re referring to the combination of that dreamy caramel hugging the Tastee Apple (layered with or without chocolate and lots of other fabulous things) and slight tartness of the wonderfully crisp and juicy apple underneath. Really, could your mouth be any happier? 

Is a certain element of nostalgia at the core of your love affair with Tastee Apple? Possibly this iconic, delectable treat harkens you back to your younger years. Do you associate caramel apples with fond memories of Halloween treat-or-treating or fun times at amusement parks and carnivals? Maybe you grew up visiting shore points on the East Coast, where savoring a caramel apple while “walking the boards” made you as happy as winning a stuffed animal on a game of chance.

Let’s peel away another layer of this mystery, shall we? Is a Tastee Apple your pick for the ultimate snack because you love the sheer commitment of time involved to enjoy it? Let’s face it: you can devour a candy bar in about one minute. A Tastee Apple is an entirely different proposition—one that demands that you give yourself permission to enjoy a well-deserved break from this crazy fast-paced world. Whether you slice it or bite your Tastee Apple, the sheer size and magnificent medley of textures simply won’t permit you to wolf it down!

Perhaps Tastee is the apple of your eye because you’re watching your waistline.  Consider that an entire Tastee Caramel Apple with Peanuts is only 160 calories (translating to a mere 3 Weight Watchers Plus Points values).

One thing the people at Tastee Apple know for sure: when that Tastee craving hits, you have to fulfill it as soon as possible or you’ll go crazy! That’s why we stock our products in virtually every grocery store chain in America, so that your love affair with Tastee Apple—no matter where it stems—can continue indefinitely. And that’s a beautiful thing.