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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What products does Tastee make, and when are they available?


Tastee makes three categories of apples: Caramel Apples: Caramel (with peanuts); Candy (with peanuts); Chocolate Turtle (with peanuts and mini chocolate morsels); Jelly (with coconut), and Plain (with no nuts).  Fantasy Gourmet Apples (9 oz): Double Chocolate Wonder, White Pretzel Wonder and Classic Cookies & Cream. Super Premium Apples (14-16oz): Chocolate Pecan Obsession (our best seller!), Triple Chocolate Sensation, White Chocolate Pretzel and Classic Cookies & Cream.

Q. How long do Tastee Apples last?


Tastee Caramel Apples can last up to two weeks after purchase when refrigerated. Tastee Fantasy Gourmet Apples can last up to 30 days after purchase when refrigerated, and Tastee Super Premium Gourmet Apples can last up to 30 days after purchase when refrigerated. Stock up when they are available so you can have plenty on hand to enjoy!

Q. Is it OK to freeze Tastee Apples?


No! Freezing is not recommended. Just refrigerate your Tastee Apples once you get them home to extend their life.

Q. Where can I buy Tastee Apples?


Most grocery stores stock Tastee Apples. If you are having trouble finding our products at your local stores, ask the manager for help. Apples will also be available to order year round on our website.  You can also call us at 800-262-7753, and one of our customer service representatives will help you.

Q. Are Tastee Apples Kosher and gluten-free?


All apples are kosher.  With the exception of our white chocolate pretzel and class cookies n cream apples, all other apples are gluten free.