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"These apples would make wonderful Christmas gifts or just a fun thoughtful gift any time during the year."
- Burning Moons Inside Advice Review

With 4 grams of fiber and only 160 calories, I will be your favorite temptation without the guilt!

Gourmet Chocolate Apples (14-16 oz)

Tastee is America's #1 Caramel Apple! Learn what makes Tastee Best!

How does your favorite snack stack up to a Tastee Caramel Apple? See the Nutrition Chart here!

Ready to kick your holidays up a notch? Invite Tastee’s best of the best to the party: our Super Premium Gourmet Apples, weighing in at about one pound. Made from only the finest Extra Fancy, Extra Large crisp apples, these apples are rolled in caramel AND chocolate (milk, white or dark) before being lavished with a generous coating of toppings like chocolate morsels and drizzle, pretzels or nuts. As pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds, these culinary works of art are sure to elicit “oohhs and aahhs” from your family members and guests. In a gift basket of goodies you design, this beautifully decorated apple will easily take center stage. Available in Chocolate Pecan Obsession (our best seller!), Triple Chocolate Sensation or White Chocolate Pretzel, Tastee Super Premium Gourmet Apples are made fresh year round. 

Chocolate Pecan Obsession   Triple Chocolate Sensation
PROD super premium chocolate pecan obsession   PROD super premium triple chocolate sensation
     White Chocolate Pretzel
     PROD super premium white chocolate pretzel