142,150 lbs. recycled in 2019!

An apple contains beneficial dietary fiber and pectin which aids in digestion.

Why Nothing Tops a Tastee!

96% of customers rated Tastee Apple superior to all other brands in a recent retail survey!  Look for the Tastee Apple label. It's our promise of top quality, from our family to yours. All Tastee products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

PROD Why Nothing Tops a Tastee! 1What has made Tastee Apple products the best tasting on the planet for almost 40 years? Pretty much everything!

The perfection we achieve in our products is only possible due to our passion for the caramel apple in all its splendor and the painstaking process to which we adhere.

First and foremost, our family owned and operated business uses only the very best apples available, sourced from our country’s top growers. Even then, because we’re so darn picky, Tastee rejects about 10% of apples that arrive at our facilities.   

PROD Why Nothing Tops a Tastee! 2

Before we pop a stick into any apple, it has been examined by no less than five sets of eyes (really). Our extensive quality control process even includes a step that we suspect is rather unique to Tastee:  we measure the firmness of our apples. Only apples that pass this crispness muster go on to the next step: being washed, brushed and sanitized with tender loving care to prevent bruising of the fruit. 

Then we begin the real fun, giving incredible attention to detail as we attend to the “dressing” of our apples. Yes, that means dipping, rolling and drizzling our wonderful apples in gooey and crunchy things to give our valued customers a wide variety of delectable choices ranging from our traditional Caramel Covered Apples to our Fantasy Gourmet Apples and Super Premium Gourmet Apples.

PROD Why Nothing Tops a Tastee! 3Tastee Apple’s very own made-from-scratch, small-batch, kettle-cooked caramel is such a triumph in velvety confection perfection that we haven’t had the need to alter the recipe since 1974. The premium chocolates and top-grade nuts Tastee uses are delivered fresh from suppliers whose insistence on quality ingredients is 100% consistent with our own.

Tastee Apple products are made from start to finish in our original plant, located near the historic village of Newcomerstown, Ohio, on the banks of the scenic Tuscarawas River. We are proud that the residents of this eastern Ohio community—considered is the gateway to the largest Amish settlement in the world—are in many respects as natural and wholesome as our products!