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Give your local store a thumbs up or thumbs down for Tastee Apple!

Tastee Apple Ambassador Team

Are Tastee Caramel Apples and Chocolate Apples
At Your Local Store?

Become a Tastee Apple, Inc. Ambassador and enter to win a delicious, prize pack here.

A Tastee Apple Ambassador Will Win Scrumptious, Caramel and 
Chocolate-Dipped Apples Each Week!

Many of our customers love our homemade caramel apples and chocolate-covered apples, but they can’t find them at their local store so we started the free, Tastee Ambassador Team Program.

Would you like to be a Tastee Apple Ambassador?

It’s easy…

1. Go to your favorite store and see if they carry Tastee Apples in the produce department.

2. Take a photo of yourself outside of the store under their logo/sign and:

- Smile and give a thumb’s up if they have Tastee Apples.

- Frown and give a thumb’s down if they don’t have Tastee Apples.

3. Enter the form below.

That’s it!
tastee team ambassadors

Tastee Apple will pick one Ambassador per week through October 31st at random to win a prize-pack of delicious caramel and chocolate-dipped apples… a value of over $40.00!

If you discover that your local store has Tastee Apples, it would be great if you would thank the store managers in person, via phone or by e-mail.

If your favorite store doesn’t carry Tastee Apples, please ask them to carry the apples and have them in stock!

Plus, as a member of our exclusive, Tastee Ambassador Team, you’ll receive our monthly eNewsletter and be the first to know about Tastee contests, discounts, news, and more!

Welcome to the Tastee Ambassador Team, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Recent Tastee Apple Ambassadors and winners of weekly contest here.

Ambassador Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Entry Form

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